Members receive a quarterly Journal. This contains a calendar of events, articles on various aspects of mapping, a selection of the papers presented at IMCoS Symposia, summaries of meetings, book reviews, exhibition news, letters to the editor, reports from International Representatives, messages from the society officers and advertisements. The Journal Editor welcomes articles, news and information for publication.

A Journal Index has been published covering the period from the first Journal Issue No.1 in 1980 to Journal Issue No.59 published in Winter 1994. This contains an index of themes, people, maps reproduced, activities, authors, book reviews, letters to the editor, obituaries and winners of the IMCoS Tooley Award (now the IMCoS Helen Wallis Award). This is available from the Editor, S. Gole: e-mail

Previous numbers of the Journal, the Journal Index and Bulletins are also available from the Editor at the following prices:
Previous Journals £1.50, Bulletins £0.50 and Journal Index £5.

The Committee is proud to announce the relaunch of its quarterly journal in a completely new size. Starting from January 2004 the journal will be almost double its previous size giving more space for both advertisers and contributors. We feel this reflects the growing importance of the Society  amongst map collectors and aficionados worldwide.

Editor, Susan Gole, is excited about the possibilities this increased size, 253 x 197 mm (10 x 8 in)  presents particularly for including larger  illustrations with more in colour. Proportionally, the width of the page size will increase more than the height and, as most maps are landscape in shape, this is a great opportunity to show them to their best advantage and in more detail. There will be more space for articles both from our members and from non-members and we invite contributions particularly from collectors who have a story to share with others.

The IMCoS Journal will remain a society newsletter and is sent free to members four times a year.  In addition to articles, it will continue to contain news of our activities, forthcoming events and items of interest from members. It is the only journal with such a wide coverage and the Editor looks forward to receiving enhanced contributions from you all at this opportune time.

Published in association with the Journal is a series of IMCoS Bulletins, which are designed as practical aids to the collector. It is planned for the series to comprise 10 bulletins:
1.     Judging a Map's Condition 6.     Small Repairs to Antique Maps
2.     Distinguishing Fake from Real 7.     Cataloguing Map Collections
3.     Looking after Antique Maps and Prints 8.     Insurance for Map Collections
4.     Photographing your Maps 9.     Libraries and Museums with Maps
5A.  Mounting Maps and Prints 10.   Map Societies Worldwide
5B.  Framing Maps and Prints

Bulletin numbers 1 to 6 have been published in the IMCoS Journal.. The others will follow in due course.

International Map Collectors' Society